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An invitation to enter the largest international consuming markets

Done Deal Group invites you to enter the largest consuming markets worldwide, (Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf States, the entire Arab countries, Iran and Turkey) to establish a distinguished and consistent business presence through our unique, transparent and risk-free business system, (ISAAS).

We offer golden opportunities for all global companies, factories and international institutions that own products or international franchises and want to expand the scope of their work and international business presence through our unique system (ISAAS) which we have developed, specifically to cope with the systems of world trade and the demands of globalization, our system (ISAAS) is available for those who are serious; as after we formally acquire the rights to represent them in our local markets we start the searching process to find them the best, effective, experienced and financially stable local parties who are determined to get these agencies and franchises rights in accordance with the conditions and regulations specified in advance.

Our selection is based on the direct contact with local markets and our diverse specialized expertise and our knowledge of the nature and needs of the Arab Gulf markets and then the Arab world.

Our distinguished and influential media presence (as we have Satellite advertising channel, which broadcasts on Nile sat Frequency 11334 - Horizontal Polarization under the name Ale3lania TV as well as its renowned website: as the channel covers all Arab countries, Iran and Turkey, thus designing and broadcasting of Promo Ad (Advertising Video Clip) for those companies , factories and international institutions will be viewed by millions of audiences give us many opportunities and selections that make us easily pick and choose the most appropriate and best of them. Our main business presence through our offices in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and China facilitates our task and gives us more space and makes us more dynamic when we decide to communicate with local companies wishing to obtain these agencies and franchises rights.

Done Deal Group has developed a system to link business with any company or factory or international institution or any entity wishes to appoint an agent or local partner
The system is as follows:
(International Sole Agencies Appointment System) (ISAAS)

Done Deal Group - Sole Agencies ... and more

Our work method is not complicated! it is very simple and based on the following rule: (No burdens or expenses or claims on you, whether we reach a business agreement or not) There is no doubt that what we offer must have added value to your existing business where we expect complete satisfaction from your side specially when you add more outlets for your business and have more increase in revenue and profits

We wish to emphasize that what we offer is a unique opportunity for your esteemed company to expand the scope of its work and get better results, without any additional financial burdens; also, we promise to work hand in hand until the signing of the final agreement between you and the one we select for you.



Done Deal Group - Sole Agencies ... and more
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